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An Unforgettable Soundtrack for a Perfect Evening

Customized playlist
Song avoidance
Dinner/background music
Creating the perfect mood
Requests welcome (or unwelcome, your choice!) 
Excellent guest relations
Great venue rapport
Responsible & respectful attire and attitude
Timeliness & Preparedness   




With today's technology, we can carry almost every possible party song that you can imagine. If that's not enough we will let you choose your own songs before the party so you can be certain we will have what you want to hear.
What makes us stand out from the crowd is we can also help you put together a performance that you, your partner, and your guests will remember long after the celebration is over.
Uplighting makes any room go from beautiful to enchanting.Its the best way to set the mood of your day. Lights are placed on the perimeter of the room about 6-8 ft apart. The lights illuminate the walls and create a beautiful ambiance for dinner and dancing.

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